WordPress Vs Blogger – Which one is better??

Blogger and WordPress are the two best blogging platform present, the problem arises whrn you have to choose between them. I have have been asked this question too often, and here comes the elaborate explanation. Having worked for years on both these platforms, for me both have their own limitations.
Since google acquired blogger in 2003, it has been redesigned and upgraded constantly. Blogspot provides you complete freedom to tweak around with your design by modifying the html and CSS of your template. You can point your xyz.blogspot.com to any registered custom made domain of your choice; say xyz.com. You are not bound to register this domain with a google partner. You can independently buy the domain name and integrate it with. With the freedom in designing and domain registration, blogger has its own limitations. Multi-author blogs become difficult to manage with blogger. Moreover there are limited widgets and professional themes for blogger, even if you are willing to pay for it. But the fact that google apparently favors blogspot website coupled with easy adsense integration partially makes up for this.
WordPress is the most popular and versatile CMS(Content Management Software) available. It has two different flavors
WordPress.com is a hosted version of WordPress.org.It  Provides free platform with limited features as free and rest paid premium features. In short, you dont need a separate domain space for wordpress.com. Its free!!! you will have  a free domain name as xyz.wordpress.com which you can point to your customized domain , which you will have to purchase from a wordpress partner costing you around $17 p.a. Most of the plugins, themes and widgets don’t work with wordpress.com.

So, wordpress.com is not only costlier but has subsequent restrictions as well as compared to blogger. An alternative to it is wordpress.org, which is a open source CMS software. You need to have  your own domain space for this. A domain space can cost you around $100 p.a, if you are ready to invest this, wordpress is the right option for you. It has a wide library of plugins and widgets to help you. It might appear complicated to start either, but as you get used to it, you would simply love it. 


If you are designing a professional website, go for wordpress.org. But if you want a cost effective solution, or a you are a newbie testing your writing skills, better choose blogspot. you can have your own website in as low as $10. If I ever have to choose between blogspot and wordpress.com, I will always go for blogger.