Top 5 Ways to Earn more with ADSENSE

Top 5 Ways to Earn more with ADSENSE
Many adsense publishers complaint that adsense hardly pays them anything. This problem is more prominent if your website is new. Even if your site is old and popular enough, that doesn’t always guarantee you a higher revenue
5 Tips to earn more from adsense
1)                            Higher traffic doesn’t always mean higher earning. Most people divert traffic from other websites by posting comments on forums or other platforms. While you do so, make sure that you only target the concerned traffic. Post comments only on the forums that are congruent to your niche. More concerned traffic you get, more is the revenue.
2)                         Placement of the ads is the most pivotal determinant of your earning. There are some universal hotspots. Placing ads on header, footer or within the posts would always increase the clicks and revenue. Avoid placing ads on the sidebars.
3)                        Improve the quality of your content. Put more impetus on quality than sheer advertisements. Advertising on social media is not a bad option, but traffic that you get through them, is most unlikely to affect your earning. 


Along with adsense, use infolink’s intext advertisement. Intext advertisement will always pay you better than banner or text ads.

5) Sell your ad-space on monthly basis to publishers directly. This would not only increase your revenue but would also act as an alternative in case your adsense is blocked.