Top 10 free iphone apps that you must have

Planning to buy the new iphone5!!!
Well here is a list of 10 iphone/ipad/ipod apps that you must install, once you login to your itune account. And as an icing on the cake, these apps are absolutely free.

Top 10 free iphone apps that you must have#1.Youtube App(Google Inc):
With Apple iOS6 making its way, its time to say good-bye to the iphone’s built in youtube app. In September this month, Google launched a  youtube app for iphone and ipod touch. This add is claimed to be cleaner,  faster,more  user friendly and ad free. Once you install this youtube app, your old youtube icon would be replaced by this one. Given our dependency on youtube, this undoubtedly should be the first installed app on your iphone.

#2 Find My Friend (Apple):

This free app helps you locate your family and friend, given that they have iphone, ipad or ipod touch and have this app installed and have agreed to share their location with you. Install this app in your device supporting iOS 5 or later, sign in with your Apple ID and add your friends and family members into your list, similar to google+ circle or facebook friend list. Once your request is accepted, you can get notifications on the location of your friend 24*7.

#3  iTunes U (Apple)
This educational app is an entire course at one touch. From the iTunes U app, students can play video or audio lectures and take notes that are synchronized with the lecture. They can read books and view presentations, see a list of all the assignments for the course and check them off as they’re completed. And when you send a message or create a new assignment, students receive a push notification with the new information. If it has been ages since you left the school or have read anything apart from newspaper, this app is surely not for you.

#4 Instagram
80 million users love Instagram!
Instagram has been making people prettier and slimmer since 2010. Its not a pill or cosmetic solution but a powerful yet simple photo editing tool
to share gorgeous photos on your iPhone. Choose one from plethora of effects available, blend it with your creativity to create epic pictures. Share your photo with your friend with a single click and check who among your friend is most photogenic. Since Facebook acquired Instagram, this app has only become better and sharing pictures across social networking platforms has been simplified.

#5 Note Anytime
Note Anytime is one of the coolest note taking and sketching application for ipad. Though this application is not for ipod touch or iphones, still it makes into the top ten list because of awesome user experience.
Write stylish noted with onscreen key-board or freely handwritten notes. Mix these typed text or hand written notes with photos, graphics,PDFs etc.
Use sticky notes, paint brush to add flavors to ur notes  It is *free for now*. So install it before they start charging you for this.
Evernote is much robust and reliable though less fancy substitute of Note Anytime and can be used with iphones as well.

#6 Find My iPhone (Apple)

Find My iPhone is a web based security application that you can use to help you locate any of your lost iOS devices provided you have added them to your Find My iPhone apps. This app from apple is an extension of find my friend app with focus more on security than connectivity.
Track the location of your device in real time, remotely lock and discover your lost device. You can even make you device play a sound or remove vital information from your device.
This app is best suited for you if you tend to forget your device too often or you carry to much of confidential information on your device.
#7Subway surf (Kiloo Games and Sybo Games)
A game based on a concept similar to Temple Run but with enhanced user experience and better graphics. The concept is same-avoid the hurdles to survive, collect coins to tick score board. This game has been reported to me more addictive than any other adventure games available for iphone. So if you have a big exam coming or have to meet some deadline, better don’t install this app!!

#8 Escape: The Dark Train Station (WaveA PTE.LTD.)

This one is for game freaks. Escape The Dark Train Station by WaveA PTELTD is a unique puzzle game, intended for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This is an especially challenging game of skill where you have to solve diverse and interesting stages that can be solved by using the different tools you get on each stage.

#9 Songza (Songza Media, Inc.)
Right music at right time!!
This is a boon for pandora users. Now categorize and play your favorite song on the move. It has also made it possible to share songs and purchase from iTune stores possible at one touch. An integrated Alarm, greets you early in the morning.
If you are one of those crazy music lover, you must have this; if if you aren’t one, you must try this app, and you would start loving songs.

#10 Flashlight(iHandy Inc)
Simple and Bright- best describes this app.

Struck in the middle alone in a dark night, this app will guide you to your destination because added to flashlight it has a compass to help you navigate through your way.

Some of these apps like Find My iPhone and Instagram require internet connectivity to work. We would soon come up with Top 10 iphone apps that work offline.

Tricks do work an so do apps!!!