Bigrock Vs Godaddy: Where to buy DomainName from?


Domain-name is undoubtedly the most crucial part of your website. It defines who you are and what you become. Even when you contact sponsors, a good domain name creates a descent first impression. So once you have figured out your preferred domain name from the list of available domain names, the next question is where to buy domain name from?
Well there are innumerable domain-registrar companies, some of them are as follows-

All of these provide competitive prices and similar schemes, then which domain registrar should you choose. Well lets compare the top two in the list (they are the most commonly used ones), Suppose we search for
As per current rates , Annually this domain name would cost you $10.67 (Rs 575.75) from 30% discount that they give to everyone, if you are not the lucky one you can contact me :P) and Rs 599($11.1) from if you are an Indian consumer, they might charge you addition taxes hence costing you around Rs 674($12.49).
So apparently, GoDaddy appears to be a cheaper alternative, but there are devil in details. At $10.67, GoDaddy won’t provide you any mail accounts or privacy protection. This would mean, all your contact details would freely be available worldwide on the whois datbase, which is ofcourse not recommended. So if you want privacy prtection as well, godaddy charges you $3.9 extra. If you want few mail accounts as well(which surely you will, if you host your website on blogger or wordpress), godady will charge you around $15 extra for this.

So in nutshell, package of domain name+privacy protection+2-5 mail accounts would cost you around $25 if you go for GoDaddy and would cost you $11 to $12 if you choose BigRock. As a ]n icing on the top, you can avail upto 25% discount by using as coupon code.

So, BigRock would be a smart choice. BigRock happens to be the registrar of domain name as well. And would you believe it, I got it for $5 p.a!!!

We would soon update an article on webhosts as well….
stay tuned..
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