You can double your earning with  few smart tricks
Adsense is no doubt the the most popular way to monetize your website.But, never build your business around adsense,i.e, your website must have some alternative income source along with adsense. Adsense is the quickest and easiest way to earn online . But its hard to comply with its norm.
If your adsense is blocked. No matter how hard you try,be sure, it would not be re-activated. So in that case you should look for some other ad publishers
Best alternatives are
Many publishers have reported greater earning when they switched from adsense to chitika. So to opt for Chitika whether as an option or as a mere compulsion,  may end up to be a blessing in disguise.
Adbrite is also a good alternative. Ads are more catchy and will fetch you more money but may not always be relevant with your site content. So they may fall out of place.                       
The advantage with bidvertiser is that they bid for your website. Higher the advertiser bids for your site, higher the amount you get.  So your earning per click increases as your site becomes better and popular. The added advantage with bidvertiser is that they have $10 as payment threshold as compared to google adsense threshold of $100. Moreover you can get the payments directly into your paypal account.
To supplement, You can also opt for infolinks. It is the greatest client for intext advertisement and may help increase your site’s earning manifolds.
My friend whose adsense account was blocked, today earns 500$ + per month using infolink and chitika, more than what he would ever have expected from adsense. He is more secure and happy. To conclude, if adsense has been deactivated. It is not the end of world in itself. You should look for alternatives.  There is no point in crying. Move on!!!