10 tell-tale signs that you hate your job

Everyone has to work for livelihood, everyone must!! But not everyone enjoys what he/she does. Unfortunately, those who enjoy what they do form a minority of total workforce. Adding insult to the injury, a majority of this minority has a myth that job satisfaction is linked to pay-checks. By this logic, people at the upper echelon should be happier, which is untrue. Before delving deep into the topic, let’s be clear that your salary is no index of your love for job. That said, how else do I know, if I love what I do?
Here is a 10 point litmus test-

1) Do you clock your work?

Most organizations have 8-9 hour/day work schedule. Do you time your work, such that as soon as you clock the stipulated hours, you fly away. I see people at my work place eager to sneak out at the drop of a hat. They spend more time checking clock than checking out hot girls around them. If you are one of them, you abhor your work like nothing else.


2) Do you look forward to weekends?

Well everyone does!! No matter how workaholic you are, if you loathe weekends, you are a moron. So the real question is, how badly you look forward to weekends? Are you so low by Friday that you would rather attend a Justin Bieber concert than come to office the next day? If the answer is yes, you are at wrong place.

If you want to know if you really love your job, recall how you feel every Monday morning!!!


3) Do you look for excuses to skip work every day?

If you had lamest of excuse not to work, would you try your luck?
History repeats itself. I am living this dictum everyday. When I was in school, I used to wish for rain or pretended of toothache, headache, stomach-ache and what not to skip my school. Life has come a full circle. Every morning, I wish something could prevent me from the travails of office. But alas!! Rain is no more a valid reason, even if it rains cats and dogs. And if I have a stomach ache (genuinely), I will still have to come to my work-desk lest I exhaust my sick leave balance. This leads me to the next point.


4) Would you let your leave/vacation balance expire?


Suppose, your vacation balance expires annually, how sad would you be if you could not utilize your vacation balance completely. For instance, last year I could not use around 95 hours of my vacation balance because of a ‘critical issue’ in the project at the fag end and it felt like I had been robbed of an year’s savings. If you disagree with me, you perhaps love your work more than your wife (bachelors excuse :P).


5) Work From Home (WFH): Do you really work? (WTF)
‘Work from home’- it sounds paradoxical to me (being the guy who hardly works even at office). Picture this!! You are WFH and you don’t have any real work to do. Would you still hang around or you would rather take a break. If you opt for the former, you are a corporate bitch and you really love your job.


6) Do you work for increment/promotion or pure pleasure?

You worked hard, gave your best, yet your efforts were not recognized. You didn’t get the increment or promotion you deserved. Would you still continue working your heart out? In nutshell, you are intrinsically motivated to work and external factors are just add-ons. You work for pure pleasure and promotion and increment are just numbers for you. Numbers you hardly care about. If yes, you are those rare breeds, who love their work more than they should.


7) Do you walk the extra mile?

Do you go all the way to do things that you have not been asked? Will you put in extra hours to meet the deadline even though you were not the person who screwed it up in the first place? Is your work an incessant treasure hunt where you explore new things everyday?
Work is like peeling an onion, either you explore new layer everytime or you cry louder as you delve deeper. If you are former, congrats, you are no more single. You are committed to your work.


8) Do you sit through the meetings and try and make a sense of it?

We had this conference calls daily where onshore team and offshore team discussed issues faced within the day. Most of these discussions went tangentially for me as for rest of the team offshore. While most of us admired the diction and parlance of the speaker, there were few nerds, who wanted to make sense of every word uttered. They would ask doubts and doubt their own doubts. If you are one of this kind, you were made to do what you are doing.


9) Do you have your action item chalked out for tomorrow?

While leaving office, what’s on your mind?

Let’s repeat this little facebook exercise. If heading back home, you have your action item chalked out for tomorrow, you are too loyal to hate your job.


10) Do you genuinely respect your supervisors?

When my boss is around, I have no option but to agree to whatever he says. But once he is gone, I can’t help but quip. I hate my boss not because he is an asshole (which he obviously is) but because it is he who assigns me work. So he is the villain in my life. If your boss is your hero, you would rather add that extra comment in the code you wrote today than read this post.