10 Simple Tips to Create a Viral Youtube, Facebook Video

Have you seen those videos that rule the internet during their times and ever wondered what does it take to reach millions of viewers? This is no rocket science. Your video could be the next which takes the internet by the storm. Here are 10 simple steps to follow-

1. Look for the pattern

Idea is to look at all the viral videos of the time and identify the most common feature across them. Something that worked in 1990’s might not work today. Hence it is advisable to look for themes that are trending. For example, cute cat videos are particularly trending these days. That doesn’t make it imperative for you to create a cat video, but what it should tell you is that audience these days are looking for lighter content.

2. Don’t Copy, Be Original

While you should draw inspiration from what is trending on the internet, never create a duplicate copy of what is already present. Firstly, doing so is plagiarism. Secondly, if your viewers find out the original source, they might never come to you. Thirdly, If something is already viral and you end up creating the same thing with few tweaks, you are competing with a viral video which already has a wider acceptance.


3. Captivate the audience in the first frame
Do you realize that while you are scrolling through your Facebook feed, you skip the majority of videos in the first few seconds? First few seconds decide if you would continue watching a particular video or hop on to something different. Put the best of your content upfront and keep your audience hooked.

4. Don’t Stretch

All good things come to an end and so should your video. You should know when to end the video. You want your audience to share and spread the video. There are videos which put the great stuff upfront but then run out of anything interesting. Thereon they use fillers and stretch unnecessarily. As a result, while viewers get their hopes high, they are really disappointed by the end are very unlikely to recommend the video to anyone else.

5. Thumbnail is Important
They say, “Don’t Judge a book by its cover”. Unfortunately, it never happens. You judge every book by its cover and every video by its thumbnail till you any better. Thumbnail not only gives out a part of the video, viewers also tend to judge the video quality through it. We should always avoid cluttering and excessive text in the thumbnail.

6. Don’t miss the Foreplay
As is foreplay important before the sex, a little teaser before you put out the video builds up the excitement level of the audience. It helps if you keep your audience involved in your project while it is still in the making. You may post pictures, updates etc so that the audience feels a part of your project.

7. Title is as important as the video
The most common mistake that most of us do is that we put all the effort in making the video and then hurriedly put up a title and publish. You need to realize that the title of the video is like the address of the house. For people to reach you, you MUST specify the address correctly. Otherwise, everything that is inside the house makes no sense. The title should be catchy and relevant. Just because cats are trending, you can not title a random video as ‘cute cats’

8. Research the Audience

You should be clear of the audience you are targeting. Not only the content, the subsequent marketing efforts would also change as per the audience. It’s important to first decide your target audience and do enough research on the audience. For example, if your target audience is old people, you would not schedule the video release late at night, which would otherwise be the best time for the young audience. If your target audience is Office goers, it’s best to release the video on Monday/Tuesday as opposed to weekends.

9. Call for Action

There should be a clear call to action which helps in propagating your video. You might want to end the video with requesting the user to like, share and subscribe. This reminds users to spread the word.

10. Content Matters the Most

I am purposefully discussing this at the end. If there is one thing that I would want you to remember always, it would be: CONTENT MATTERS THE MOST. Content is to video what oxygen is to us. It is impossible to survive without a top notch content. Howsoever good be the thumbnail or research, unless it is backed by good content, it would be for the lost cause.

Hope to find your video in the trending section next 😛